Issue 2: Page 4

This has to be one of our favorite pages so far! We have a unique visual theme in mind for each issue, one that will serve as an inspiration. The first issue we really gave a bit of an espionage vibe, while at the same time trying to give a feeling of the mundane. However, we want issue 2 to feel like Lisa Frank in space. Bright colors and adorable creatures will really dominate, even as we discover more darkness in Serena’s past.

We also have some exciting news! We will be at Smash-Con at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale this Friday night. We’re working on some lovely merchandise and will have issues of the prologue for sale. If you’re in South Florida, please stop by and say hello!

Music: Cosmic Trip by Air


Pretty cool! I love the immunoshot she's giving him. Find it on the ship? or.. uh.. does she always carry those with her just in case she needs to breathe under water or in a vaccuum? :`)

Thanks! It's always so tricky trying to fit the dialog in. I had a line where she says the medkit on the ship is surprisingly well-stocked, but I cut it for space.

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