Issue 2: Page 22

I love the idea of Fitz as a thieving little goth kid.

We’re getting so close to the end! Just two more updates and we’ll be taking a little break, hopefully filled with fabulous guest comics and many updates of our work in progress. Would you like a chance to have your likeness in a scene in issue 3? Just send us some guest art!


New complexities added in. Revelations of character quirks. "I don't always do the right thing" with a sad expression. I love it.

Thank you! We always love your support! <3When it comes to writing, I'm very character-based, so for me the challenge is finding ways to slowly reveal more of their personality, instead of trying to do it all at once. This issue has been about revealing who Serena really is, developing her dual personalities and secret tragedies.Next issue is Fitz's turn. And yes, he doesn't always do the right thing. One of the aspects of his character that I love the most.

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