Issue 2: Page 20

Can you believe we’re already on page 20? Which means issue 2 is almost finished! We will be taking a few weeks off before launching issue 3 to build up a little buffer and work on the website, which will soon feature a fabulous character page and section detailing the story so far for new readers. Is there anything specific you think we should add?

In the meantime, check out our new TV Tropes page! Please feel free to add any tropes you think are relevant. If you’ve never been on the site before, prepare to lose many hours discovering the prevailing themes, plots, and character archetypes common across all media.

We’d also like to put a call out for guest comics! We always love sharing guest art while we’re away from the comic. If you’re interested, email us or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Love, love, love the cloud-jellyfish and the vampire octopus!! And of course everything else too!!

I'm gonna miss all those adorable octopi once we move on to the next issue… But I have a feeling tentacled creatures, adorable or otherwise, are gonna remain pretty commonplace in this comic, hee hee.

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