Issue 1: Page 3

I mean, everyone’s had one of those morning where you just babble madness, right?


I think everyone should be allowed to sound insane each day from the hours of 4am until 7am. Not much of what I say makes any kind of sense during that time. 🙂

Another beautiful page!

I constantly have to remind myself not to talk to myself in public. And then I'm like, eh, so what if people think I'm crazy. The friends in my head will get bored if I don't chat with them.

And I agree with George – another beautiful comic page. Keep up the good work. I love your style!

Heh, we are both notorious for talking to ourselves, sometimes even in the middle of talking to each other. At least you can't be bored if you always have yourself to talk to!

And thanks so much for the kind words! Means a lot to us.

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