Issue 1: Page 14

Poor Miguel… Looks like Serena has quite a dark side.


Oooh! Bad Serena! You're getting blood all lover everything. That's really hard to clean up. :`P

And was that a prophetic typo on my part? or….

Heh, heh… No comment! Except to say that we've got at least 24 issues left to go. So anything can happen.

Prophecies don't always come true. Especially if there is free will and the knowledge to change the future. Of course, being a character in a script free will doesn't enter into it much. :`D

I dunno about that. My characters pretty much tell me what to do, not the other way around, heh heh.

Forgive me. I meant once the script is finalized. Mine tend to boss me around mercilessly. lol (My revenge is publishing the story and, unlike a certain Star Wars author who will remain nameless, once it's published never changing it. ;`)

I'll admit, I'm kind of an obsessive plotter when it comes to crafting scripts. Hell, I've already written most of the final issue, and that won't be up for several years at least.

First lesson I learned in writing novels (of which I now have five, all in the draft stage and not including Aedre's Firefly) is to make sure you have a beginning and an ending written and then the middle will gradually through twists and turns find it's way through the middle to the end. :`D

I absolutely agree with you! I come from a background of writing prose, most of it novel/novella length, and that's definitely my preferred way to write.

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